Friends of Christian Animal Rights Association



The Christian Vegetarian Association is an international, non-denominational ministry that respectfully promotes healthy, Christ-centered, and God honoring living by advocating plant-based diets. Through publications, websites, and related public information campaigns, they seek to educate about the health, environmental, and animal-welfare related advantages of plant-based eating. 



CreatureKind encourages Christians to recognize faith-based reasons for caring about the wellbeing of fellow animal creatures used for food, and to take practical action in response. Their core message is that we are CreatureKind together with other animals, and ought to be CreatureKind in how we treat each other. CreatureKind works to: a) equip Christians with a Christian ethical framework from which to discuss animal welfare issues together, as a church; b) provide education and support to the church and its leaders on the importance and validity of including animals and animal issues in Christian life and practice in order to change the way that animals are viewed by Christians; c) obtain commitments from churches, other institutions, and individuals to a new approach regarding their sourcing and consumption of animal products, the CreatureKind Commitment; and d) strengthen the church by affirming the call and meeting the spiritual needs of individuals working in animal protection and to provide a community in which they can express their experience, strength, and hope among like-minded Christians.





PETA Lambs is a resource for Christians who want to learn more about how their faith should influence our relationship with animals. They offer answers to frequently asked questions, provide information on transitioning to veganism, and offer helpful tips on becoming an effective Christian animal rights advocate. They offer a free vegan starter kit to ease you into a potential lifestyle change.






Jewish Veg inspires and assist Jews to embrace plant-based diets as an expression of Jewish values.


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