Organizational Theology

The Christian Animal Rights Association is a non-denominational ministry. However, like every ministry, we interpret the Bible in a certain way. We view the Bible through a postmillennial perspective, in contrast to the similar amillennial viewpoint or the vastly different dispensational premillennial perspective. However, we, of course, welcome all professing believers. The postmillennial interpretation of the Bible asserts that Jesus will not return until humanity has drastically improved the world with the help of the Holy Spirit (John 14:26). Postmillennialism interprets Jesus’ Second Coming occurring after the 1000 years mentioned in Revelation 20:2. This millennium is not a literal 1000 years, but merely symbolizes an extended period where Christianity flourishes and its teachings gradually improve the world.

Though the daily news may not reflect this, the world has drastically made progress since Jesus’ Great Commission, when he commanded to make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19). Life expectancies, healthcare, and world relations have improved, with the spread of Christianity contributing to a debatable, but certainly significant, range of this flourishing. The millennium precedes the eternal state, which will commence with Jesus’ physical return (Luke 12:40).

By interpreting the Bible with the postmillennial perspective, our ministry seeks to take action with the Lord’s Prayer, seen in Matthew 6:10, where Jesus states, “Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” Additionally, 2 Peter 3:11–13 encourages Christians to help bring that righteous heavenly world to the present. We seek to be instruments of God (Hebrews 13:21) as he accomplishes his ultimate will of a world filled with his glory (Revelation 21:11) and free of mourning, crying, pain, and death (Revelation 21:4). We are inspired by the Holy Spirit to do our part in creating a world that reflects the peaceful harmony between humans and animals that will be fully realized when Jesus returns to usher in the eternal New Earth (synonymous with heaven), as emphasized in Isaiah 11:6-9, 65:25; Hosea 2:18; and 1 Corinthians 15:24–26.