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How Can Christians Support Animal Rights?

Animals Exploited for Food

We advocate a vegan diet that eliminates meat, dairy, eggs, cheese, honey, and all other animal products.

We also support gradually reducing animal products through these methods as a way to eventually transition to veganism.
• Vegetarianism: No “flesh” in the diet, but allows eggs, dairy and honey.
• Reducetarianism: committed to reducing consumption of animal products
• Pescatarianism: Allows fish, eggs, and dairy.

Recipes available from PETA

Animals Exploited for Fashion

We advocate refraining from wearing all clothing, accessories, and textiles made from the skin, fur or feathers of animals, including leather, fur, mohair, wool, silk, cashmere, angora, exotic animal skins, down feathers, etc. There are many alternatives such as synthetic materials, faux leather, and faux fur.

Resources for Vegan Fashion:
• PETA Fashion
• Farm Sanctuary Fashion

Animals Exploited for Experimentation

Animals are killed in experiments across the world for cosmetics and food safety tests, biology classes, medical training, and pharmaceutical drug toxicity investigations.

Cruelty-Free Cosmetics, Personal Care, Household and Cleaning Products
• Cruelty Free International

Addressing Vivisection and Scientific Experimentation
• Help organizations such as the American Anti-Vivisection Society (AAVS), whose aim is to end the use of animals in science through education, advocacy, and the development of alternative methods. 
• Petitioning governing bodies and private companies may help.

Animals Exploited for Entertainment

We oppose circus animal acts, rodeos, horse racing, bullfighting, and dogfighting because they involve immense cruelty to animals. There are many ethical ways humans can be entertained.

Zoos and aquariums put wildlife on display primarily for human entertainment and spectacle. Even the very best facilities frustrate many of the animals’ basic behavioral needs. We recommend nonprofit wildlife sanctuaries instead, which put the welfare of the animals first, not exhibitions for humans.

Other Ways to Help

Support Animal Sanctuaries

There are a growing number of non-profit organizations that take in and provide shelter and protection for exploited animals. 

 “Vegangelizing” – Vegan Evangelism

  • Talk to your local church about animal rights, providing vegan options or a small group to discuss issues about animals within your community.
  • Pray for the animals, especially the ones exploited and harmed by humans every day. Ask that God changes the hearts and minds of people to respect and show concern for the vulnerable. Ask that God shields them from cruelty and commodification.


Banner and Corresponding Photo Credit: Farm Sanctuary